Supple Leopard Shirt Akin to Where’s Waldo

One would think finding a supple leopard shirt would be so easy after the successful 2nd edition of Becoming a Supple Leopard published by Victory Belt Publishing.  With over 500 videos on his website, Kelly Starrett is a virtual YouTube sensation.  He’s teaching correct movement that in-turn helps with preventing injury in almost any situation.  I know what is a supple leopard thanks to the insights on page 17 of the book but finding a supple leopard shirt proved to be entirely futile.

This is a Supple Leopard Shirt?

Sadly, this is about as close as you’ll get to an authentic Supple Leopard Shirt today. While the book is fantastic, I can’t say the same for the t shirts using this brand name. Fact is, I didn’t find any and the one I did, just have a picture of a purple generic leopard on it. Excuse me, that’s a leopard, not the same as a Supple Leopard made famous by Kelly Starrett or as some call him, K-Star. It is time there is a real shirt to show your appreciation for this movement and mobility system.

CrossFit is incredibly successful and with the movement that Kelly Starrett created, you’d think a shirt would be a no-brainer.  The marketing department dropped the ball on this one.  I can find all kinds of crappy one-liner hardcore workout shirts (hardcore!; go HAM; blah blah) but not a good jersey that shows my new found love of mobility.

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At least with Where’s Waldo, he was hard to find but he did exist.  This is more like a needle in a haystack or simply does not exist yet.

Where Can I Find a Supple Leopard Shirt You Ask?

Honestly I don’t think at the time of this writing you can.  Unless you steal the logo and wording, which breaks copyright laws, your best bet is to buy a generic shirt with a purple leopard.  Most people will think you like cats.

Your Best Hope for a Supple Leopard Shirt:

Even without a shirt, the book is still worth taking a look at if you don’t already own it.

If you know where an authentic Supple Leopard shirt can be found, let me know in the comments!


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